Hi! I am Anirudh Karat Sudhir, an undergraduate student at Bocconi University, Milan (Class of 2024). I am currently doing my Bachelor’s in Economics, Management and Computer Science.

Growing up in India, it was fascinating experiencing a myriad of economic events. In a developing fast paced economy like India, I was able to get first-hand experience on the impact of various policy decisions. The nature of Indian economics and the indiscriminate impact of economics on everyone’s lives have been the reason why I am currently pursuing economics as a career.

Through this blog I would like to articulate and enhance my understanding of how economics impacts daily life, especially in the context of the globalized, connected society we live in today. I am particularly interested in the quantification of data and how it can be used to both resolve and formulate economic policies.

Besides reading up on a variety of diverse topics, I am also an avid golfer and a die-hard Manchester United fan.