Q1. What type of economy is India?
Q2. When does the accounting year end in India?
Q3. Which among the following measure of controlling inflation can be taken up by Reserve Bank of India and not by Government of India?
Q4. Which year was the first complete Census of India held?
Q5. The RBI is authorised to issue ___________ as currency
Q6. When the foreign exchange rate of a country is set and maintained by the government at a particular level it is called
The answer to last week’s questions are:
Q1. What is the current repo rate in India?
Ans: 4.0%
Q2. Who is the current governor of the RBI?
Ans: Shaktikanta Das
Q3. Which one of these economists won the Nobel Prize in Economics in 2019?
Ans: All of the above (Esther Duflo, Abhijeet Banerjee and Michael Kremer)
Q4. When did the stock market crash, also known as Black Tuesday, occur, signalling the start of the Great Depression?
Ans: October 29th 1929
Q5. The form of market where there are only a few sellers is called
Ans: Oligopoly
Q6. What is India’s real GDP growth rate as per the IMF, as of April 2020?
Ans: 1.9%